Tyler’s last couple posts prompted me to respond, since he’s not online.

Yeah, just in case you didn’t know, his blog is Il Penseroso.

First off, I wanted to talk about White Oleander the book. I read the book a few years back, and while I really enjoyed it, the… how do you say… detached-ness of the protagonist is not much better. There is some internal monologue going on, from what I remember, but still… it’s hard to understand why she does some things. Still a worthwhile read in my opinion, if for none other reason than to experience the pure shittiness of this poor girl’s life. And when I say shitty, bot is it shitty. I won’t give it away for those of you who haven’t seen/read it. I want to see the movie, just so I can see what they omitted from the book, since there is a good amount of stuff in there. Anyway, on to the next subject!

Okay, I guess there wasn’t another subject. But Mike went to a meeting for baseball today! And he has a try-out scheduled and the coach remembered him!! I’m so excited for him, I hope he makes it on the team really bad. Everyone pray that he makes it on the team. NOW. Thanks! 😀