I am so tired right now.

Yeah. Second day of college, and I had lunch with Byron. It was nice because he showed me where the real food was instead of the hellishly overcrowded Carl’s Jr. It was also great not to eat by myself!! I haven’t really met anyone yet, but that doesn’t really surprise me since I don’t really make friends that easily. So yeah. I was driving home and barely able to stay awake because… I don’t know. Then I called Mike after school and he’s still sick, and I asked him if I should come over, and he was said probably not… but maybe we’ll go to youth group tonight… which means maybe I’ll still get to see him tonight. I hope. A preview of the coming year. I am pathetic.

Want to know who’s ugly? This man right here.

I am so bored with my layout, I’m looking for a new one. Yeah. I also need to do homework.

mood: tired.
song: none.
book: maybe Frank. Enstein. Ha.