I will finish!!

Wednesday: We moved to a marina so the boats could restock and whatnot. While there, all the kids got to go into the little store they had there. Mike bought some water, hehe. I didn’t buy anything. ^_^ Then Casey took signups for boat runs… which could be mixed boat! So Mike, Maz, Brenden, Casey and I all got on a ski run together. Then we left the marina and went to another place to dock with all the churches that Sonshine had on houseboats that week. We went on our ski run, which was hilarious! It was the second most fun I had on the trip. Maz went “extreme bellyboarding,” which involves him laying on a knee board, and doing tricks. It was so funny, just because he made the funniest faces, not on purpose, just from the water hitting his face. Terri was laughing so hard, it was great. Then Brenden went wakeboarding, that was great. Casey wakeboarded, too, he took this nasty fall and ended up with a really purple bruise. Then Mike and I went skiing, I didn’t get up. 🙁 Mike did though, and he tried to do some jumps, but his skis came off everytime he jumped. ^_^ When we got back, Casey was leaning over the side of the dock, and Mike said I should push him off, since I was closer. So I thought it would be a good idea, and I tried to push him in… Only I did it crooked and he got pushed into a pole, which saved him from going in. Then I went in. ^_^; That night, we had a program with all the churches, we made up skits to win a prize. This skit that won was soooo funny. “I’m a hyper-hypo!” Then we went back to our boats and slept. ^_^

Thursday: I was tired and I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I think this was the day we had our 3 hour Soulo time, private time. I just read the Bible a lot during that time. Ummm… what else did we do? Oh yeah! I went on a ski run with Mike’s boat, just to watch. ^^ Brenden got some air, Maz was crazy as usual, Dani couldn’t get up, and Mike FINALLY got up on a wakeboard! And instead of being cautious, he shows off for me, hehe. He went over to the tullies that are on the side of the river delta thing and grabbed a little flower for me and put the stem in between his teeth, hehe. Then he just had fun, it was great. ^_^ That night was our last night, so at program we had testimonies, where people can go up and tell how they feel about this trip and what it’s done for them, etc. Mike went up and told his story, which cleared up questions for people, I’m sure. The whole trip he had jokingly been telling people that the scars were from a bullet wound, hehe. The freshman believed it. ^_^ After that, we went to our own boats and did affirmations. We went around the group and people said nice things about each person. It was really great, hehe. Not too many people said anything about me, since I didn’t really talk to the other boatmates too much, but the ones who said something were really meaningful. ^_^ Casey said that he felt like we had really developed a relationship beyond him knowing me just because I’m Mike’s girlfriend, hehe. He said this because of an incident that happened… sometime… I can’t remember when. What happened was, we were eating spaghetti and there were no forks left. I had gotten up to get a drink when Casey announced this. I said, “Well, I guess you’re S.O.L. then! ;P” When I got back, my fork was gone and Casey was eating off of it. Everyone laughed and I used a spoon to eat my spaghetti, lol. Then when he was done, I stole my fork back and finished eating. He said that he thought this even was significant because we could eat off the same fork without thinking twice about germs or anything, and normally you wouldn’t do that with someone you don’t know very well. It was great. ^_^ Then after affirmations, Megan, Ashley, Taylor, Chad, Danny and I started wrestling each other, it was really funny. ^_^

I’ll finish this someday!