The real post?

Yeah! I’m doing a really quick real post before I go to work about the last week and a half [or so] that I was gone. Not that anyone cares!

Saturday: Mike picked me up after his class and we went to his house. We finished packing and ate dinner, and watched… oh yeah, “The Tuxedo,” which sucked royally. Then off to church we went, and we hung out there until it was time to go to sleep, then I slept in a room with Leanne and Megan, a leader and a girl my age that is going to Cal State Fullerton. The other girls [primarily freshman] were in the room next door making a lot of noise, preventing me from sleeping. >(

Sunday: Woke up early, got on the bus and left for the Sacramento Delta! We ate lunch at Del Taco [yum] and watched… a couple movies… Oh yeah, I don’t remember the name of one of them, but it was really weird. It had Rufio in it! 😀 I don’t remember what the other one was. We got there at around 3:30, got our boat assignments [Mike, Maz, and Matt (a friend of ours at church) were on a boat together, and I was on another one by myself with a bunch of people I didn’t know… besides Megan] and boarded the boats. We met our driver and crew, as well as each other. Each houseboat had a driver, crew, leader from church, and 15 students. Our driver and crew were both from Sonshine Ministries and their names were Terry and Kim. Kim was my age, hehe. She’s going to OCC. Casey, the youth pastor, was the leader on my boat. The kids were as follows: me, Megan, Taylor, Sean, Krisie, Kenzie, Jen, Stephanie, Ashley, Danny, David, Travis, Chad, Sam, and… I think there’s another one but I can’t remember. That night we docked and had worship and Program and went to sleep!