I’m leaving today!

I’m going on my first holiday of the summer!! I’m going on a Houseboat with Lake Hills church with Mike and Maz, along with other church people. I’m so excited to go! 😀 When I get back, tons of fun things are happening, like Greg is coming back from JAPAN, and Mike’s parents’ anniversary party, we’re going to see STOMP! [that was Mike’s annoversary present to me :D], and Mike’s uncle is coming out from Long Island, and we want to go to Magic Mountain, and Mike’s having an end of summer/going away to college party on the 10th… tons of parties and fun. ^_^ Then after all that… another houseboat with Mike, Maz, Jack, Harry, and Mike’s family. I’m going to be the only girl besides Mike’s mom! Oh well, that would be my fault, since I have almost no girlfriends anymore. Actually that’s not true, I still have Vanessa, Lisa, Kim, and others… some people I haven’t seen since graduation, hehe. Oh well. ^_^

I haven’t been doing much other than working. 🙂

mood: A bit of a headache.
book: Finally finished On the Road and also started/finished High Fidelity.
song: what else? “Perfect Blue” by Laruku!