And then there was none

What have I been doing since Thursday? Well, my eager little birds, I’ll tell you. 😀 We watched “The Hot Chick,” it actually wasn’t that bad. Friday was the exciting day. 😀

Mike and I were going to see “The Pirates of the Carribean,” then Jack called Mike and asked if he wanted to go to this show in LA, it would start around 8. So we said yeah, that sounds like fun. So we saw “Pirates” around 4 [good thing I got off earlier :D] and I thought it was good. I really liked Jonny Depp’s character. Then we drove out to LA and found this little place called Largo’s, on Fairfax. We waited around for at least an hour and a half to get in, and by this time my feet were aching so bad, and my stomach hurt, so I didn’t see us staying for long. Once we got into the club we waited another 30 minutes – hour for the guy to get his shit together and start. His name was Jon Brian or something like that. Anyway, it was pretty cool, he would play something on the piano or drums or something, then loop it with his little mixers, and then he would keep doing this until it sounded like a whole band was playing, with all the different instruments, and then he would sing a song. It was pretty cool, but the club was so small, and I had to stand so much that I didn’t really enjoy it. 🙁 Plus, since we were all so young, the management assumed that we wouldn’t buy many drinks, and imposed a $10 drink minimum on each of us. In addition to the $10 we paid to get in. We could have gotten a table for this price. Mike and I ordered one drink, a Pineapple Soda, which was too much club soda and not enough pineapple. It was $3, oops, we didn’t meet the minimum. Oh well! Overall, it was a fun night, just standing in line with Harry, Jack, Becca, Beth, John, and John’s friend in the Military, Jake was the best part I think, hehe.

Now I’m trying to get a hold of Vanessa to see what we’re doing today. This will probably be the last time I get to see Tyler before he goes back to Canada! *tear* Damn Canadians…

mood: tired. and hungry…
book: finished Red Dragon.
song: “Drift Away” – Uncle Kracker