Finish the post

So on Tuesday, Mike had practice. I met him at the place in Aliso Viejo and treated him to dinner at On the Border. Then we went to Sports Chalet and bought me a one piece bathingsuit for houseboats. Wednesday he picked me up afterwork and batting cages, then we went to his house and hung out for a little while, then we went to the pool party for youth group. It was boring and I wanted to go home, plus I was depressed for some reason and I didn’t really feel like making nice with the church folk. Depression continues somewhat today, still not really sure why. I’m going to meet Mike after his catching practice, then we’re going to his house to watch “The Hot Chick” with his parents. -_- As you can see, I’m so excited.

Bleh. I’m going to call Vanessa soon and see if she wants to do something on Saturday. Friday Mike and I are going to see either “Pirates of the Carribean” or “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” Hey, it has Sean Connery in it. 😛