Ew, I’m Shinji, what the hell

Shinji Ikari
You are Shinji!
You’re the main character in Neon Genesis, and one
of the more powerful ones, too.
Your determination usually makes you good at what
you do, especially after a bit of practice. But
you can be unsure of yourself, and this can let
people around you use you. You also feel
abandoned, sometimes, so you really enjoy the
company of friends and family.
Overall, you’re pretty nice, would make a good,
loyal friend and are heading in the right

Which Neon Genisis Evangelion Character Are You?
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[15:52] erin: ew i’m shinji, what the hell
[15:52] vanessa: Haha, I got that, too, I kept taking the test until I got something different.
[15:52] erin: lmao