I have a touch of a headache.

I just read Anthem by Ayn Rand. It’s a good little read, 100 pages or so. About the terror of the future and how one man learns the value of self and knowledge in an age where humanity has regressed to 17th century mentality and technology. Maybe even earlier. I think I’ve read it before, it seemed familiar.

The Mandalas came in today, and I saw my page! I was very satisfied with it, I couldn’t have done a better job on it myself. It’s really cute and everything I wanted it to be. ^_^!! I saw it at anime club. We watched “3×3 Eyes” [boring] then I hopped on over to the Wanginator’s to check my face out. It’s looking pretty hot if I do say so myself [which I do]. Today was a pretty fun day, especially in physics when we threw water on each other. Don’t ask me why this was hilarious, but it was. The weather wasn’t all frigid and nasty, I felt good and wanted everyone around me to feel good, too. ^_^ I sound weird right now. Probably because I am, muah-ha!

Oh my mom is making lazagna and it will be soooo goooood.

My poetry quest is not going well at all. :p I think I’ll just bring my “Playing with Crayons” and be done with it. Yay.

K bye. 😀

mood: Happy. 😀
song:“Honestly” – Zwan