Hi! 😀 Last night was my birthday partyyy, and it was so much fun. I’m glad I finally sucked it up and celebrated myself kind of. I made out like a bandit! I got clothes [YES I really wanted some hehe] and a couple of anime DVDs, Wayne’s World [thanks Harry :D], a gift card, a CD by the CURE from Lisa, Holtz gave me a really nice basket of stuff from Bath and Body works, Mike gave me a ring…it’s sooo pretty. ^^ Umm what else? Suddenly I can’t remember, hehe. I had so much fun, thanks to everyone who came and helped make it a success! Yesterday when I was helping get ready for the party I realized something that kind of changed my perspective on… myself, hehe. I was blowing up balloons and suddenly got a nosebleed [???] so Mike was like, “Aah!” and he went and got tissues… I was just weirded out/embarrassed that I was bleeding, hehe. Then his mom and dad came and everyone was like, “Oh my gosh what’s going on let me help,” etc. It made me feel dainty and like… I dunno. I’ve always felt like I could take care of myself before, pretty independent. When I’m sick at home I usually take care of myself, you know. Make my own soup. Hold my own hair back when I barf. 🙂 I felt so… I dunno. ^_^;; Special, I guess. Kind of doted upon, too. I had a headache after that episode, so I slept the rest of the afternoon, which made me feel useless because it was my party and I was doing nothing to help set up for it… His family is just so nice, but I guess people are nice to any guest that they have in the house. My parents came to the party and that was nervewracking… of course my dad just had to go and say something embarrassing, “Oh, we get to meet your other family!” Since I’m there so often, hehe. I felt bad, I don’t want them to think I’ve found new parents and I’m replacing them. I love them all. ;-; But I know they’re thinking that, so I’ll have to fix it. Somehow?

So that was Thursday. Wednesday Mike and I saw Phone Booth and then went to his baseball game where he started, as promised. God, he looked so good out there. I’m not saying that in a sexual way, for all of you pervs. :p He got on base twice and had like 3 r.b.i.’s or something, and he was on fire in his catching… It was soo great. I was disappointed his dad couldn’t be there, I know how I would have felt if I missed it. Especially after last year, it must be great for his parents to see him playing and being healthy again. It’s great for me and I didn’t even know him last year. 🙂 I’m just so happy he’s able to play, I don’t care what all those stuck up bitchy moms say. He’s better than your ugly kid in every way possible. :p Read the blurb about the game at the school website. 😀

And I feel like saying this, so sorry if it makes you uncomfortable or if it’s too corny. 😛 I just want to say thanks to all my friends, you guys are really great. I can’t imagine not being with you guys every single day next year, but most of you are sticking around here, so YAY! 😀 I won’t really have to live without all y’all. You guys are the best and you should know it. ^_^

mood: Happy.
song: “Flying Teapot” – Cowboy Bebop