I am content.

I know that seems to be my reoccuring theme for these past few days, but hey. I can’t lie! After my last post, I found out that my friends had gone to the movies without bothering to call me back, which really pissed me off. They’re just inconsiderate and it bothers me. After I got over that, Mike and I went to the Laguna Hills mall to help with the junior high thing. Kim was working at the coffee bean, so I visited her. 😀 We had a good time, even though Mike couldn’t help smiling at all the kids when he saw them, which completely defeated the purpose of trying to blend in with the crowds. He had a good disguise, a wig that made him look like a surfer, hehe. Maybe it looked too fake? 🙂 Casey suggested that we just find a corner to make-out in, and my hair would be our disguise, lol. After that we hung out at Mike’s for a bit, then I went home.

Friday… Oh yeah! Mike was an hour late picking me up! What a guy. 🙂 We had a swell time this day, in my opinion. Jorge and Mike picked me up, then we stopped at a shop to pick up some magic cards [geeks] and then I watched them sort them for an hour [even more boring… why do I put up with this?] but Harry and Lisa came and saved me from my boredom!! We headed over to Mike’s and had a few jolly rounds of 13, and DDR, then we played Risk. There was a tickle fight between Lisa, Mike, and I, of course I won. 😀 Actually, we’re all winners!! hehe. Anyway, so then Maz came and brought “A Few Dollars More,” a western with Clint Eastwood. Then Maz took me home.

Saturday I went Prom dress shopping in LA with Vanessa, her mom, and my sister Dawn. I had a good time, I liked looking at all the stuff there and being in that atmosphere, I dunno why. It thrilled me! The Garment district was fun, lots of shops closed around 1 [???] then we headed over to Chinatown to look around, and that’s where we got our dresses. They’re both very pretty! Not in a Chinese style, by the way. Then I got home and was pretty beat, called Mike, and he asked me if I wanted to go to his game that night. I didn’t really want to because I was pretty tired, but then I remembered that his coach said he might play this week so… I decided to go. 🙂 And boy, was I glad I did, because… Mike finally got to play. Yes friends! He got to play his first game of the season!! Man, if I had missed that, I would have shot myself. Seria. When they called him up to bat, everyone started cheering really loudly, all the guys in the dugout stood up and really supported Mike… Needless to say, his family and I got pretty emotional. ^_^; Then he got to catch, and that was it. He’s so much better than the other guys, but they don’t want to push him too hard. Even though he wants to be. 🙂 Adams was injured, so he wasn’t catching that day. It was sad because they put a sophomore in to catch the game over Mike, which is a pretty big blow, but he understood why. I just wish they would give him more chances. Anyway, that was the highlight of my weekend, getting to see Mike play again after he had been out for so long. He’s still frustrated at the situation and the fact that he has nothing to show for all of his training the summer before junior year, especially how much muscle he built up that is pretty much gone now. But maybe if he hadn’t been that strong and solid before…

Today is Easter! I went to church with Mike, which is way different from my old church. ^_^; I never realized how different Catholic Mass is from a Christian/Baptist service. But it is! hehe. We went to Del Taco afterwards [Raspberry cheesecake shake… *_*] then I got to drive myself home in the convertible!! 😀 That was fun. Mike had to leave straight from there to take Greg back to LA then go to his aunt’s, so I had to take a car. ;D Dawn and the kids came over and we had fun. We played video games [I beat Donny 8-3 in Tekken Tag! :D] and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit and Frisbee. Mike come over later and played frisbee with us, then we watched Harry Potter 2! I took the girls for a spin in the convertible before Mike got there, which they enjoyed, never having been in a convertible before.

Tomorrow is another baseball game at 1! I enjoy life. 🙂

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p.s. I rip a quote off of Mike Holtz’s profile:

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.”

— Winnie the Pooh