GAR WHY am I awake so EARLY?

Yeah, so I have a late day today, so of course my body decides to be bitchy and not allow me to sleep in… Actually I woke up at 6:30 because my nose started bleeding and I had to frantically kick my Kimiko blanket out of the line of fire. I decided to get up around 7, I watched “Say Anything…” and read my friends’ blogs/melos. It seems as if everyone updated last night.

Last night Mike met us at the Olive Garden, Yayyy. I was sad because the game got over so late, I thought he would be too late. But he rushed on over and ordered some food, which came out promptly. Mom and I were still finishing our meals, so it worked out well. Then Mike took me home, and I hung around for about 45 mins and then called him. 🙂 Ah we’re inseparable, is that a good or a bad thing? I’m really glad he was there yesterday, it was a good/bad day for several reasons I don’t think I will divulge here. Today I have school, then play practice, then guard… hooray for guard .-. I really dislike guard, I wish I could quit. But as Vanessa reminded me on Monday… “Only 1 month and one week to go.” That brightened my day.

I hope this day gets brighter, it looks foggy and cold outside and I wanted to wear a skirt today. 🙁 I wish everyday could be like this, I like waking up and wandering around for a while, then deciding to get ready… unlike regular days when I get up and walk to the bathroom in zombie-like fashion and wake up after standing in the shower for 5 minutes…

song: Coldplay CD “A Rush of Blood to the Head”
mood: Anxious. [why? I don’t know 🙁 ]