It’s my happy birthday!

Yes, Today I’m 18 years old. It sounds funny, but I never thought I’d live to see this day! Such an important milestone, and I’ve been havign a pretty good day. I had lunch with Mike [YAY!] but Vanessa was sick today. 🙁 She had to come to school to pick some work up though, so she brought me my birthday presents, one of which I am currently listening to. She got me the Coldplay CD, “A Rush of Blood to the Head” and she got me a shirt from Old Navy [since I wanted clothes]. Michael brought me nuts, and a really funny card, and he bought me the Kimiko Blanket from the Megatokyo store at He wrapped it in a TV antenna box so I wouldn’t know what it was right away… silly kid. Also brought me flowers, roses and carnations. Kim brought me lilies :D!

I haven’t written in a while 🙂 Yesterday was play and guard, where Jen let us leave early because we kept messing up. Had lunch with Mike.

Sunday I had a birthday party with my family, and Mike came too. He gave me a Tape-CD adaptor, which is kind of useless since Baby blue is dead, but it might be handy once I get another car. Dawn gave me money, Chris gave me a really nice watch, Mom and Dad gave me a gift certificate to Target. My party had a princess theme, I was Sleeping Beauty :D! Before that Mike took me to lunch with Maz and before that was church. Casey wants me to go to this retreat thing… but I’m thinking no. I’d feel really uncomfortable, I don’t know anyone there. ^_^;

Saturday was Lisa’s birthday party! We went to the discovery science center, it was really fun. Before we left, Jack and Chris Steele decided to go louging [sp?] down the hill, it was quite amusing. After we were done having fun at the science center we went to El Torito Grill for some food. Mike met up with us once we returned to Lisa’s house, and then I left because the cramps became too much to bear. He took me to see “Bringin’ Down the House” with Queen Latifah and Steve Martin, which I thought was funny. After the movie we saw Amanda and Devon and Alex Walters in the lobby… it’s always weird seeing people outside of school. Then we went home… lol.

Friday! Friday Mike had a game I remember… what did I do? Oh yeah, I didn’t do anything. I was sitting at home crampy and depressed, and Mike surprised me! He came over after his game, his parents decided to let him do something that night!! We went and got some In N Out, then we watched Terminator 2 at his house [since I’ve never seen it]. That made my entire year ^^

I got a birthday email from my sister who said that something is coming in the mail for me… Yay!

Me = obsessed. ^_^