The real entry

So it’s a Friday night and I don’t feel much like doing anything except for cuddling with Michael, which is unlikely since he got in trouble. And he’s at a baseball game right now. I thought of how I’m going to ask him to Sadie’s, since my asking to Winter Formal was so pathetic…

That title of the last entry reminds me of something. I remember when MC Hammer was popular, people used to call my brother and I “Hammerman” since it’s kind of similar to our last name… yeah. Speaking of nicknames, I just realized I have some weird ones. My grandpa used to call me “Erin Nickel” when he was alive. My dad calls me weird names like “Peanut” and “Monkey Doodle” and “Chicken Feet,” all of which have explanations, mostly pertaining to how small I am, or was as a child. My sister Teresa came up with the name “Wear-wa”… I have no idea where this came from or what it means. Also “Shnots Fifi” was another one… damn then for manipulating my language…! I used to call my brother “Schaulstein,” that was his hero prince name I made up for him when I was still crazy about him and thought he was the coolest and strongest big brother in the world.

I think every girl should have a big brother, that’s all it comes down to. Although my brother never really took care of me or defended me like I always wanted him to, he did sometimes, and it was the few times that he did that counts. I remember when I was in kindergarten I stabbed myself with a pencil and he took me to the office, I was all crying and stuff and he came in and rescued me. 🙂 When we went to Florida he took care of me on my first plane flight, I was scared and I felt sick and he let me have the window seat. He also made sure I didn’t spend all my money in one day. And when he used to drive me to school freshman year, he gave me tips about school and stuff like that… helped me find my locker… Then there was those times when we just talked, and told each other all about our lives and how much it sucks when people don’t love you back. Probably the most caring thing he ever did for me was when he told on me… I hated him so much for it, but looking back on it, he wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t care. I remember when he went to college, I resented him for leaving me all alone here… I would wander the quiet house and not like the fact that he wasn’t here to beat up on me or tease me.

I bought Lisa’s present today, it’s awesome! I want it 😀 Tomorrow is her birthday party, I’m so excited! I hope Mike can meet us for dinner, that would be so yay. [so yay…?]

I read Alison’s blog, and I would like to quote:
“I don’t hate men but some girls I know are giving up their own life for men. Comeone girls life is good, its good with men too…..but don’t make them the center of your life!”
I don’t know if this is in reference to me but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to comment. 🙂 I don’t really know if I am making them the senter of my life, I don’t think I am, but I definitely think that life is better with men, or more specifically love, so making love the center of my life is always a good thing, and it makes life good. 😀 Besides, I didn’t have a life before him so I didn’t give anything up!!!! [just kidding :)]

I’m determined to read this book for english, I can’t remember the last time I read an entire text for that class. 🙁 Probably not since summer. 🙁 Heart of Darkness will definitely be read!

P.S. Nice butt