Oh the night is young, and you’re so beautiful…

Anyone know what that is from? 😀

So Monday kind of sucked because it was Monday… and I had play practice followed by a jolly round of guard [not really]. Play was hard, I’m a second soprano and our part is difficult to learn. The first sopranos keep drowning us out. Bitches! Then Jen was in a bitchified mood at guard due to gym issues.

Today is Tuesday and I wasn’t able to drive to school again because my tire wasn’t fixed yet. I hate driving with my mom… she’s slow… and always late!! So I was invited by the Cragger to attend his game at Fountain Valley High School to see him play on the JV team. He’s really on Varsity but he got some practice at the JV game. He’s soooo goooood! He blocked once, it was awesome. The other catcher really sucked, he kept dropping it and then he would lose the ball and we’d be like, “it’s behind you dumbass.” Actually we didn’t say the dumbass part. Anyway, he looked really hot in his uniform with the tight-on-the-ass pants. I wish my bum looked like that. He played most of the game, which he wouldn’t be able to do in Varsity because stupid Mike Adams dominates, even though Cragg is better. He’s been there longer so he gets to play more, even though Mike is better. Time counts more than skill, Dad says. Does this make sense to any of us? No. It kind of makes me mad but what can you do eh? By the way, I drove Mike’s Mustang to the game because baby blue was sick still. It’s very nice and I wouldn’t mind driving it all the time.

Anyway… after the game I came home to 3 week old laundry and homework. Mike wants to read this before bed so POST NOW!!!