Copy and Paste…

Today was okay, I have stuff to do, on with copying Vanessa and Terinn in madlibs!

I am not: only what you see.

I hurt: when I am alone and when I hurt others.

I love: Mike and my life!

I hate: hurting and being hurt, vomiting, school, Ms. Hanley!

I fear: failing at life, screwing my kids up.

I hope: that everyone turns out alright in the end.

I crave: IN n OUT. < -- Amen, Vanessa. I regret: wasting my time in high school stewing in cynicism and depression. I cry: when I’m sad, or when I’m really happy, or when I’m scared. I care: about what’s really best for those that I love. I always: try to aspire to be more than I am: cynical, negative, kind of mean, lazy. I long: to be married and happy. [although one doesn’t necessarily need the other. I feel alone: when I feel misunderstood and not cared for. I listen: to good music and friends when they need me. I hide: under my covers in my bed. I drive: not enough, but too much for my baby blue. I sing: whenever I feel like expressing myself! 😀 Or when I know a song. Or when I’m trying to make myself feel better or forget. I breathe: hard after sex :D! Just kidding. I play: games that are fun 😀 I miss: being a kid with not much to worry about except having fun. Or Mike since I’m not with him right now! 😀 I search: for a place to fit in and for an occupation in life. I learn: maybe I don’t know everything. I feel: happy! 😀 I know: that nothing is concrete. I say: anything goes! [Ranma 1/2… the Anything Goes Tendo Dojo :D!] I succeed: when I actually try. I fail: at tests, at not being considerate enough. I dream: all day everyday about you! 😀 I wonder: if everything will turn out okay in the end, if I will have everything I want right now in the future. I want: Mike :D! I worry: probably not enough… Vanessa worries for me! 😀 Hehe just kidding… I worry that I don’t do enough for others. I wish: that school could be over so I could play all day… except for when I work. I have: many great friends and people who care about me. ^_^ I give: of myself, although I should do it more. I fight: not a lot… Only with my mom. I wait: for what I long for most in life. I need: Mike! :D! Just kidding. In addition, security. and an education. mood: Lazy!
song: Smashing Pumpkins – “Stand Inside Your Love”