Reunited and it feels so good…

Haaa. Yes! Yesterday Michael and I were reunited after… count it… 6 days of separation. *waits for everyone to stop gagging at the sappiness and drama* We had a dandy time at physics day, even though we were about 40 seats short on the buses going up there. I got to go on 3 rides… Ghostrider, Boomerang, and Supreme Scream. The only ride I was kind of scared of was Supreme Scream, since I can’t really remember the last time I went on it. Fun times for all. Michael and I were in a group with Mike Holtz, Kevyn Groot, Jim Harvey, Giselle J., and Amber Carpenter. Giselle ditched us to go hang out with her love toy Kevin Curran, thanks for nothing, and we never saw Amber. I find the dynamic of Giselle and Kevin intriguing, especially since she is… well, very well endowed, and Kevin Curran is like a beanpole. It doesn’t help that she wears her little sister’s clothes/ clothes that are 60 sizes too small for her. Anywho, our group split up so we could try to collect more data, that was really fun. I got to try to read the acceleramotor thing on Boomerang and Supreme Scream, both were 3 G’s for your information. 🙂 Michael and I were the only ones in our group that enjoy rides, so we got stuck with collecting the data. Mike Holtz, Kevyn, and Jim were freaking out on Ghostrider… haha. After this excursion, Michael and I decided we want to go to Magic Mountain soon. Maybe for my birthday. Anyone game?

After Knott’s, Michael had baseball practice, and once he called me on my cell I headed over to his house. I beat him there, hehe. Then we worked on his Pre-cal homework, then we went to the beach yayyyy. Yay. Yay yay. Then we were late for Daredevil, so we decided to see Old School instead. Suprisingly, it wasn’t that bad! Only cause Vince Vaughn was in it, though. He’s a great actor. Mike and I were astonished at the amount of freshman at this theatre. Too many freshman to be healthy.

Today I’m working on my two projects looming before me, and after Mike is done with his baseball game vs. JV baseball and homework, he’s going to call me and we’re going to decide what we want to do tonight. Speaking of that, I need to shower.

Oh yeah! Mike ordered a MegaTokyo comic for me for Christmas, and it finally came this week! Haha. I started reading it, it’s really neat to see it in an actual book, and not online. Yay for Fred!

I copy Vanessa’s mood and song of the entry now. 😀

mood: happy. ^^
song of the entry: Shakira – Underneath your clothes. [one of the first songs Mike and I danced to :D]