Yay I got to talk to Michael today. He’s still sick, poor kid. He’s going to see the doctor tomorrow, it’s going to take all day, so he’s not coming to school again. If he feels better, he’ll come on Thursday. Yay! Then Physics Day on Friday — what a lucky kid. 🙂 Today had play for about 15 minutes, and no play tomorrow, hurray! Still have guard though, negative.

Did anyone see Zora’s dress at the end of Joe Millionaire? It was HIDEOUS. That blue nightmare… *vomit* I’m glad he picked her though. I only saw the last episode, lol, but what I saw of Sarah I HATED. She was a big bitch, no? P.S. Evan is one fugly guy.

Sometimes I look back on my past and think wow… what was with me?