I decided to copy Terinn and have some song lyrics.

“Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks (gonna)
Come back and take you home, I could not stop, that you now know (singing)
Come out upon my seas, curse missed opportunities (am I)
A part of the cure, or am I part of the disease (singing)

You are
And nothing else compares
Oh no nothing else compares
And nothing else compares

You are
Home, home, where I wanted to go.”
~coldplay, “clocks”

“I was scared, I was scared
Tired and underprepared
But I wait for you

If you go, if you go
Leaving me here on my own
Well I wait for you

Yeah, how long must you wait for him?
Yeah, how long must you pay for him?
Yeah, how long must you wait for him?

Please, please, please
Come on and sing to me
To me, me

Come on and sing it out, out, out
Come on and sing it now, now, now
Come on and sing it.”
~coldplay, “in my place”

“looking from a window above, it’s like a story of love
can you hear me
came back only yesterday
i’m moving further away
want you near me

all i needed was the love you gave
all i needed for another day
and all i ever knew
only you”
~yaz, “only you”

p.s. day 4 😀