Sunday, Bloody Sunday

So Vanessa finally called on Friday and came over and we watched the Esca movie! Yum. 🙂 Saturday we watched Love Hina like… all day. We went to school and lunch, saw Terinn and another Kairos person. FINALLY at 5 Mike calls me… he was supposed to call me like 3 hours ago, but baseball ran longer than expected. So Vanessa and I decide to join he and Maz at la casa de Mike. Then Mike’s mom made us yummy spaghetti and Jorge and Harry came over. Then Lisa came over. We played DDR and Tekken 4 for a while, then we went to the beach! Yay :D! I love the beach.

This morning I shocked Mike when I showed up at church. I dunno, I wasn’t really planning on going but I was like… I dunno. It was weird. I kind of wanted to go. Maybe that’s only because Mike was going to be there, I dunno. 🙂

Now I’m waiting to go to the Nothing Special Show at 6:30! Yeah!