Mmm back to school, ain’t it grand?

The What Soda Are You Quiz By Vishal

Funny thing about that quiz… I don’t like Dr. Pepper…

Yeah, Boo. Not much to say about that. Had Cinderella rehersal which I found extremely boring. Waited an hour for Michael to get out of baseball, he rewarded me with french fries that my ovaries were screaming for [cramps].

Mike and I are thinking of driving up to UCLA on Friday. Someone in his family needs to pick his brother up anyway, so Greg suggested that Mike bring some friends and he’d show them around the campus, since we have a minimum day. Yay for doing fun things with Mike. 🙂 So if anyone wants to go [you? you?] let one of us know. 🙂

Boo for people not writing in their blogs/melos for a long time. Soon you will be removed from the list over there. –>

By the way, Mike got accepted to Azusa Pacific University. It seems nice, even if it is Christian or something. 🙂 Juust kidding. At least he’ll be kind of close if we’re still together in college… I know it’s weird to be thinking about things like that so soon but I am so suck it!! 🙁 That’s only if I get into UCLA or UCI

Oh shit. I just remembered I told Alison that I’d go to her cooking party on Friday. Damnit, now what? I want to go to UCLA. 🙁 Damnit…