What a disappointing Super Bowl Sunday

So the Raiders lost. Other than that, I had a lot of fun yesterday! I headed on over to Michael’s house at around 1:45 and helped set the food up and stuff, and people started trickling in at around 2. It ended up being Maz, Lisa, Harry, Pat, Jack, Jorge, Greg, Mike’s parents, Uncle John and a couple of his friends, Jason, Kevin Winblad, Gabe and… I think that’s it. And apparently I look exactly like a cousin of the Cragg family, and act like her too. Now that doesn’t feel incestuous… Also Mike’s Dad had this little obsession with pulling my ponytail [Note to self: Never wear ponytail around Mike’s Dad]. It was cute. 🙂

Upon learning that Uncle John and myself have never seen “The Matrix,” everyone decided that we would watch it after the Super Bowl. We played a little DDR, then Lisa and I left to go to Kim’s 18th birthday dinner at Claim Jumper.

I wasn’t very hungry since I had been gorging myself on snacks at the Cragg household, so I just had some appetizers and Lisa forced me to eat this Chocolate Chip Calzone… It was so rich, I couldn’t eat it, lol. It was just exploding with chocolate and fudge, I couldn’t believe how nauseus it made me, lol. So after that I went on back to Mike’s to watch “The Matrix.”

I’ve actually watched the beginning to “The Matrix” about a dozen times, but I can never get past the first part, it’s so freaken boring. Even now, I don’t really feel like the movie had an end. Maybe I wasn’t really paying attention, Mike was distracting me. 🙂 So is Neo The One after all?

Came back and went to sleep. Woke up bright and early [7:30]. Trying to ignore Mom’s pleas to go to Granny’s with her today… I want to do something with Mike instead. 🙁 Sorry Granny. 🙂

Practice tonight and back to school tomorrow –; Joy.

P.S. I like how my friends forgot to invite me to their Super Bowl party… Even though I was busy, it’s the thought that counts. 🙁